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Electronic Engineering
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TKJ, Inc. is a small consulting company specializing in the design and manufacturing of custom electronic controls and systems.   We design controls for real world systems which are a mix of digital cpu cores, power conversion, power drive for motors, solenoids, valves, sensing electronics (pressure, light, vibration, position) and communications interfaces for the Internet of Things (IoT). 

We can step in at any stage of the process

  • Early stage concept and feasibility studies - rapid prototyping
  • Project estimating and planning
  • Product specification
  • Identification of key partners and supplier
  • Technical Evaluations / Reviews
  • Safety Reviews / Analysis
  • Design
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Concept evaluation and testing
  • Product Release
  • Product / Regulatory Testing
  • Cradle to Grave Project Management
  • Design for Outsourcing
  • Supply Chain Design for Outsourcing

Please feel free to explore our website to see examples of projects we have completed.

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PLD/FPGA/ASIC design using VHDL, High-precision/High-speed A/D and D/A Circuitry Interface to sensing elements such as Load Cells, Strain Gauges, Pressure Transducers, Temperature Sensors, Encoders, IR Emitters and Detectors Interface to actuators such as Motors and Solenoids,Switching Power Supplies, DC-to-AC Inverters, CCFL Backlight Inverter, Rapid Prototyping and Fabrication, Electronics Packaging, PCB Design, Mixed signals, High power, Single, double, multi-layer, Complex double sided surface mount boards, Continuous Flow and Batch Manufacturing, Design for Manufacturability / Design for Test, Global Material and Component Sourcing, Program Management / Concurrent Engineering, Agency Testing and Certification, Broad spectrum of Microprocessors and Microcontrollers, 4-bit through 32-bit, x86, PowerPC, Motorola, Intel, Atmel, Microchip, Zilog, Hitachi, Digital Signal Processors, Peripheral Functions, Graphics Controllers / Accelerators, Network Interfaces, A/D and D/A Converters, UARTs, Video Signal Encoders/Decoders, CCD/CMOS Image Sensors, Assembly Language and C/C++ Programming, Real-time Operating Systems such as pSOS, QNX, MicroC/OS-II,  Linux, Microsoft Windows and Linux Programming, In-system/In-circuit Device Programming, Digital Signal Processing and Analysis, Signal Spectrum Analysis, Digital, Filter Design, Control System Design using MATLAB, Full Product Design - Including  electronic design, mechanisms and housings design, EMC, safety, and agency approvals, Electronics Control Design - Including electronics, housings,
  embedded software, agency approvals, prototyping and production, Circuit Board Design - Including design, simulation, layout, prototyping and production, FPGA design - Synthesis and simulation of FPGAs, SOC (System On Chip) design, Embedded Software Design - Design, coding, debug, and validation of embedded software and driver, ISO 9000, Electronic Engineering,  Electronic Design, Electronic and Engineering Consulting, Digital Circuit Design, Analog Circuit Design, FPGA Design, SOC (System On Chip) Design, Circuit Board Design, PCB Layout, Embedded Software Design, Medical Electronics, Electronic Controls, Medical Electronics, Embedded Systems, Appliance Controls